23 Awesome Resources for Promoting a Launch

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Launching a new product or startup is an exciting experience, but your launch can’t succeed without exposure. You’ve spent countless hours on your creation, so don’t skimp out on promotion.

Thankfully, there are many websites, tools, and communities perfect for gaining initial exposure. The resources featured here are among the best options for entrepreneurs and founders to ensure a successful launch that leads to new visitors, users, and customers.

Product Hunt – As the largest community for promoting a launch, success with Product Hunt can lead to thousands of visitors and new users. There’s no cost to use Product Hunt, but you’ll need to invest time and energy to stand out from the crowd.

BetaList – This popular directory features new startups each day. Create a free account and submit your startup for inclusion.

Startup Stash – Startup Stash is a directory of tools for entrepreneurs and startups. If you run a SaaS business or offer a useful tool to business owners, submit it here.

10words – This creative site showcases new apps and startups with succinct descriptions (10 words or less). Newsletter subscribers and website visitors can vote for the ones they like.

PitchWall – This directory features startups, tools, and apps. Visitors can upvote the ones they like. Submitting your startup or product for consideration is free.

Launch Lister – Promote your startup to this list of early adopters to jumpstart your growth. Launch Lister changes a fee (starting at $49 for one day of promotion), but it can be a good way to get some initial momentum.

Launching Next – This free directory has already featured more than 39,000 startups, and yours could be next. Submitting your startup is free, or you can pay a fee to have it considered for publication within one day.

SideProjectors – This classified-style site allows you to showcase your project. You can list it for sale, request feedback, look for a co-founder, or simply showcase it.

StartupBase – Get your startup listed in this directory for additional exposure. Visitors can upvote the listings that interest them, or leave comments.

The Startup Pitch – Submit your startup and write your pitch to get in front of this audience.

Startup Buffer – Submit your startup’s details and get a dedicated page in this directory.

Get Worm – Promote your startup or product with an early bird offer. This can be an excellent way to get some early adopters and gain momentum.

Startup Tracker – This directory allows users to track and follow startups that interest them.

Startups.fyi – Submit your startup or side project to this directory for free and reach more than 13,000 subscribers.

CtrlAltCC – Launch your product or startup by submitting it to CtrlAltCC.

Launched! – You can submit your product or startup to Launched! for free to get feedback from early adopters.

KillerStartups – KillerStartups uses more of a magazine or blog format, instead of the directory format used by many other sites on this list.

StartupInspire – You can create a free listing at this startup directory, or pay a one-time fee for an enhanced listing.

Startup Ranking – This directory ranks startups based on a unique proprietary score. You can submit your startup for free.

Joinly – It’s free to list your startup in this simple directory. Submissions are shared with their list of 5,000+ email subscribers.

Awesome Indie – Submit your product or startup to be featured on this directory that’s updated daily.

Betafy – This community of more than 20,000 users is an excellent place to get feedback on your startup or product.

Make.rs – Create a free Make.rs page to show the products or startups you’re working on.

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