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Meet The Founders

David Domzalski: Co-Founder

Dave has covered the stories of entrepreneurs and professionals for over 13 years. A storyteller at heart, his work has appeared on various notable platforms, including AOL, Bankrate, Forbes, MSN, University of Phoenix, and Yahoo.

Dave is a strategic advisor for PlayerWallet, a startup in the college sports recruitment space. He also advises founders on how to best position themselves as thought leaders in their industries.

An entrepreneur himself, Dave created his own websites centered on personal finance and business, Run The Money and Financial Bin. He’s also an experienced voiceover talent for podcasts and video courses.

You can find more of his articles and projects at DavidDomzalski.com and subscribe to his Substack newsletter.

Marc Andre: Co-Founder

Marc has been growing online businesses since 2007. He has experience with blogs, content-based websites, e-commerce, and Amazon FBA. He’s built websites and online businesses in various industries, like web/graphic design, photography, travel, and personal finance.

Many of Marc’s businesses have been acquired. His first six-figure acquisition came in 2013 ($500,000), and he’s had five other six-figure exits since then. His exits combine for a total of $2+ million.

Marc has been featured in publications like Forbes, Business Insider, and Starter Story. He’s also been a guest on a number of podcasts, including Side Hustle Nation and Flippa.

With a history that involves many exits, Marc launched Flip My Site in 2023, where he covers topics related to building, growing, buying, and selling websites and online businesses.

Learn more about Marc in this interview.

Marc Andre