Content Policy

At Founder Reports, we aim to help and inspire entrepreneurs, founders, and creators. We accomplish this by publishing insightful, informative, encouraging, and motivational content. Our team produces some content, and we also publish interviews featuring contributions from entrepreneurs and experts. We’ve established editorial policies to ensure that our content, whether written by our team members or contributed by others, adheres to set standards.

  • Business themes. We feature entrepreneurs and businesses from a wide range of industries but do not feature businesses that we determine are not family-friendly. This can include businesses that are sexual in nature, drug-related, gambling-related, violence-themed, illegal, unethical, or otherwise potentially objectionable.
  • Profanity. We may edit interviews to remove or limit profanity.
  • Hate. We do not publish content that is hateful toward any person or group.
  • Politics. We choose to remain politically neutral to avoid alienating or turning off readers with different views. Political statements in interviews may be edited.
  • Criticism. We’re all about showcasing the businesses of the entrepreneurs we feature, but we’re not interested in criticizing competitors or other businesses. Interviews that include critical comments about other businesses or individuals will be edited.

In general, we aim to avoid divisive topics that create barriers between people.

We reserve the right to make minor edits to interviews. If the edits needed to conform to our policy are significant, we will notify the interviewee before publication to seek approval of the changes.

We recognize that interviews in our “Founder Life” series include mental health topics and issues like addiction. We aim to cover these topics as openly as possible without violating the policies listed on this page.

These policies may be changed or adapted in the future, and we reserve the right to make the final decision regarding the content published on our site. However, if we choose not to publish an interview or article, the submitter is free to use it elsewhere.

AI Policy

We may publish articles (not interviews) assisted by artificial intelligence (AI) writing tools. This may include brainstorming, outlining, or limited writing. Whenever we use AI to help with content creation, a human writer is involved in editing and fact-checking the content.