The Power of Gratitude in Business: Daily Practices and Habits for Entrepreneurs to Foster Gratitude


Gratitude is an important aspect of mental health. The fast-paced, high-stress life of an entrepreneur can make it easy to lose sight of the need for gratitude, and that’s why it’s essential to take a proactive approach.

Here are five practical tips and habits you can implement into your daily routine to foster gratitude and maintain a healthier outlook.

1. Express Your Appreciation of Others

One of my daily practices is to reach out to those who have supported me along the way, whether by helping me connect with potential clients or offering valuable advice. I make it a point to express my heartfelt appreciation for their time and effort and acknowledge their role in my success.

Taking a moment to acknowledge others, no matter how small their gesture may seem, can have a profound impact on both personal and professional relationships. Also, expressing gratitude not only uplifts those around us but also enhances our own well-being. When we focus on the good in our lives and the people who have supported us, we develop a more optimistic outlook. Gratitude helps us maintain perspective, reminding us of our accomplishments and the valuable lessons we’ve learned along the way.

Dawna Jarvis, Business & Media Strategist

Dawna Jarvis

2. List What You’re Thankful For

Incorporate a daily gratitude practice into your routine, just like the characters in “Cinderella” found solace in their little moments of kindness. It could be as simple as jotting down three things you’re grateful for each morning or taking a moment before bed to reflect on the positive aspects of your day. By intentionally focusing on the things we appreciate, we can shift our mindset and approach challenges with a more positive outlook.

Picture yourself starting your day by writing down three things you’re thankful for, like how Simba in “The Lion King” found gratitude in the simple joys of life. Maybe it’s the support of your team, a successful client meeting, or simply the opportunity to pursue your passion. Taking moments to acknowledge these blessings sets the tone for a day filled with positivity and productivity.

As a fellow entrepreneur who understands the hustle and bustle of business ownership, I believe that fostering gratitude is essential for maintaining mental health and overall well-being, much like how joy and gratitude helped Rapunzel navigate her adventures in “Tangled.” By incorporating simple gratitude practices into your daily routine, you can cultivate a mindset of abundance and resilience that will serve you well on your entrepreneurial journey.

Stefanie Magness, Founder and Publicist at Elevate U PR

Stefanie Magness

3. Add Gratitude to Meditation

One thing that’s really helped me stay centered is adding gratitude to my meditation routine.  Every day, I take a few minutes to breathe and simply think about the good things in my business, big or small. It totally shifts my mindset for the day.  Even when things get tough, I feel more grounded and ready to tackle any challenge that comes my way.

Echo Wang, Founder and CEO of Yoga Kawa

Echo Wang

4. Pay It Forward

Feeling thankful gets even better when you spread the love. Giving back to the community, lending an ear to up-and-comers, or supporting causes that hit home for me turns gratitude into action. Plus, it’s a heartwarming reminder of the support network that’s cheered me on.

Erik Severinghaus, Founder and CEO of Bloomfilter

Erik Severinghaus

5. Pray

Prayer at the beginning and end of each day also helps me remember the big picture and realize the world is bigger than me and my business, and there is a purpose for each trial and tribulation. By shifting my focus to the greater good and how I am a part of making a difference, I am able to put the tough things in perspective and identify those pieces of my life that bring me joy.

Julianne Williams

Julianne Williams, Author of Griefquake

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