Balancing Business, Family, and Career: 8 Entrepreneurs Weigh In

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“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”

That’s a timeless quote from Stephen Covey, the famous businessman and author. It sets up what we’re about to discuss quite nicely.

You’re here because you’re looking for advice on how to do it all. You want the great job, beautiful family, and thriving business.

But, it’s hard. You’re stuck. Trust me, we understand that too.

Here’s a few other entrepreneurs balancing a business and family — with a day job. They’re here to point the way to a more balanced approach to “having it all.”

Outsource Tasks in Your Business

Being an ’employeepreneur’ (as I have heard it called) can be a challenge, but the trick is to run thin on your business’s margins so that you can delegate as many tasks as possible. Often, people want to make a ton of money from their side hustle, but you have to recognize that burning the candle at both ends results in energy depletion, and you will end up performing poorly both at work and in your business.

So, take this opportunity to add freelancers and specialists who can perform a role better than you can, then give them tasks to complete while you focus on your day job. At the end of the day, your business will continue to gain traction without burdening it with a required payroll for yourself.

Jason Vaught

Jason Vaught, President, 805 SEO

Use Time Blocking To Your Advantage

When juggling a full-time federal government job and running your own business, my secret weapon is time blocking. Every Sunday, I plan my week, assigning specific time slots to tasks for my federal job and my business. It’s like giving each part of my professional life breathing space to thrive without stepping on the other’s toes.

This approach keeps me focused and efficient, ensuring I’m giving my best to my entrepreneurial pursuits and federal government job. Plus, it’s great for maintaining that all-important work-life balance!

Sabrina Wiggins, Author & CEO, Little Aiden Press

Embrace Delegation and Automation

Delegate and automate as much as you can. Time is your most precious resource; use it wisely.

When I started, I quickly learned that trying to do everything myself was a fast track to burnout. The game-changer? Embracing delegation and automation. Outsourcing time-consuming tasks to virtual assistants can free up your schedule to focus on what really matters—growing your business. Use tools and software like Zapier for automation; they’re lifesavers for repetitive tasks.

Antony Deroshan

Antony Deroshan, Founder, Domain Coasters

Have A Transition Plan That Motivates You

Having a full-time job and being an entrepreneur can be a lot; the last time I had a full-time job and was trying to jump-start my entrepreneurship was ten years ago, and I still vividly remember the feeling of being overworked and exhausted. I have many tips on juggling both, but I want to share the top tip.

Juggling both can be doable for a time; some people can do it for years. However, creating a timeline to transition to entrepreneurship full-time can help create a focus. The timeline can be a soft timeline, which can be a way to help plan out of a 9-5; it can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Not everyone wants or can leave their 9-5, but money isn’t always the most important. Having peace of mind and mental space to decompress is also important. As I have gotten older, got married, and had children, being an entrepreneur full-time has afforded me more flexibility and peace of mind.

Blanca Garcia, RDN, Nutritionist Specialist, Health Canal

Set Goals and Stay Disciplined with Your Time

One tip for juggling entrepreneurship and a full-time job is to prioritize and manage your time effectively. Start by setting clear goals and breaking them down into smaller, manageable tasks.

Use tools like calendars and to-do lists to stay organized and ensure you’re making progress on both fronts. Additionally, learn to delegate tasks and ask for help when needed. Surround yourself with a reliable team or network that can support you in your entrepreneurial journey. Remember, it’s all about finding the right balance and being disciplined with your time.

Alex Stasiak

Alex Stasiak, CEO and Founder, Startup House

Leverage Technology for Efficiency

In my experience as a tech CEO and entrepreneur, the key to balance is to fully leverage technology. Digital tools can help streamline tasks and keep you organized. Tools like project-management apps, AI personal assistants, and cloud computing can automate and streamline tasks, saving you invaluable time.

It’s like having a digital team at your disposal, leaving you to focus on strategic decisions. Don’t underestimate the power of tech in making your dual roles more manageable and your routine more efficient.

Abid Salahi

Abid Salahi, Co-Founder and CEO, FinlyWealth

Use Strategic Alignment to Balance Business and Family

Throughout my career, balancing demanding roles in the tech sector with my entrepreneurial endeavors, I’ve discovered a key strategy that has been instrumental in managing both effectively: Strategic Alignment.

This approach involves aligning the skills and opportunities from my full-time job with my entrepreneurial goals. By doing so, I ensure that my efforts in both arenas complement and enhance each other, leading to growth and efficiency in both domains.

Sarah Anto, Leadership & Growth Strategist for Women Tech Founders, StartWyze

Set Boundaries and Manage Health

One piece of advice I can offer is the value of time management. Setting up distinct time intervals for both your full-time employment and your business endeavor is essential. You can concentrate on each duty without having to worry about the other getting in the way.

Establishing boundaries is another essential component. The distinction between your work and your business can easily become hazy. By establishing boundaries, you can make sure you give each role your full attention when it’s needed.

Lastly, remember to take care of your health. It can be tough to juggle multiple responsibilities, so it’s critical to make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eating healthily, and exercising regularly. Your health is ultimately your most valuable asset.

Matt Little

Matt Little, Owner, Festoon House

Balancing Business and Family: It’s Your Turn

What’s one key thing you picked up in this article? Whose advice stood out to you the most about your balancing business and family?

Take a moment and think about it. If you have a journal or notetaking app on your phone, jot down those ideas now while you have them.

Make a plan to talk to those in your personal and professional life about the balance you’re seeking. Of course, do so where it’s possible.

If you’re struggling, maybe you need to make some changes. Maybe a coach or medical professional could be of assistance in some cases.

This is about making your life work – the way you want and need it to. You have the power to shape it the way you see fit.

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