Product Hunt Launch Playbook

Complete guide to a successful launch

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Are you planning a Product Hunt launch? Our playbook includes everything you need to organize your efforts and succeed with the launch.

Product Hunt is highly competitive, but success is very achievable with the right approach. A successful launch can provide exposure & visibility, brand recognition, traffic, social proof, email subscribers, users, and customers.

Your Product Hunt launch will require some time and effort, but our playbook ensures that you don’t waste it. The playbook comes in a convenient Notion format and includes several interactive elements, like a planner, checklist, and tracker. Use these resources to plan and organize your launch whether you’re working solo or with a team.

What’s included in the playbook?

  • Product Hunt Basics: An overview of how Product Hunt works, for beginners.
  • Product Hunt FAQ: Answers to common questions about PH launches.
  • Keys to Success: What you need to focus on with your launch.
  • Launch Prep Checklist: Everything you need to do before, during, and after the launch.
  • 4-Week Launch Prep Planner: Interactive planner with the steps broken down by week (based on 4 weeks of prep before the launch).
  • LinkedIn Guide: How to connect with other PH users on LinkedIn and promote your launch. A step-by-step guide anyone can implement.
  • LinkedIn Contact Tracker: Interactive database to track your connections so you can promote on launch day.
  • Bonus! List of Groups for Promotion: Groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit where you can promote your launch.
  • Bonus! In-Depth Case Study of Founder Reports’ Launch: See everything we did to finish in 2nd place for Product of the Day (what worked and what didn’t).